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We do what we do here, because we love and care about people. We saw several needs while we ourselves were #Homeless, and we chose to help those around us, as best we could. The first step was to find out what those needs were, and figure out why those needs weren’t being met for others, or ourselves. The second step was to care more, and share resources of food and clothing… immediate, life saving, needs.

But the biggest challenge was how to let those not walking in our shoes, that what they thought (what we used to think) about the homeless, was mostly fiction. We are Not the cliche lazy, bums, drunks and crazy, although that does apply to a small percentage of our people group. 

With that said, I (gnat) started a journal on this topic, that became a blog in a now defunct social media platform, so as we learned more, and social media changed, and we connected to like minded people through the Occupy Wall Street era, Occupy Homeless started a page on Facebook.

Since that time, we’ve added a few admins to our team, have gained friends and allies planet wide, some of them offer ideas and content, as well as information to help us grow and learn about the many aspects of poverty and homelessness. — this has become a̶ ̶f̶u̶l̶l̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶j̶o̶b̶ an all day and much of each night, job. 7 days a week…

Just two of us have burned up 5 laptops and a couple of cell phones – this laptop was donated as a dead one, that we repaired ourselves and It Is OLD!, but runs well enough to get by. – – you see where this is going, right?

Next up – Facebook limits our audience, in order to be seen, they demand $$ that we simply do not have. And then there is this website, i am not a webmaster, but that is required because, no one else is Offering to build it, and guess what? Websites cost more than just a lot of time, they cost money… that we don’t have. Remember, we are poor, mostly homeless, now living in an overpriced rental that you can see daylight through some of the walls and floors, and has glass missing in a few windows (we are fixing those things, same reasons, no one else is fixing these things)

Cost of just owning is: (most of our groceries for this month, seriously. But don’t worry, we’ve let some folks know and they are bringing food)(and firewood for heat)

Sadly we are not a501(c)(3) tax-exempt – but would if we had more time, the know how and the $$ to make that happen. — if you’ve made it this far, we love you!, and we want to make it clear, we know that most of our audience is just as bloody poor as we are (God, I Hope NOT) and some are worse off than ourselves 🙁 so here’s a short list of ways to ‘help’,

  • if you’re local, come over and help around this small shack, you may get a meal, veggies from the little garden, or fresh eggs, in exchange for your labor! Yay! (if you have no home, we have a tent for you while you’re here)
  • Purchase the song “Tom and Jackie” – It’s Cheap at $1.00 and we’ll get about $0.85 in a few days. — yeah, it’s a sad song, but it’s about love too.
  • There is a link HERE to our PayPal – literally any amount is more than helpful!
  • Writing content for this website or facebook, is strongly encouraged.
  • Join our the OccupyHomeless Facebook group and discuss goals, plans, ideas and the weather?
  • Soon we will be asking for broken laptops, cell phones and tablets. We have a helper that’s rebuilding those and giving them to homeless that are in need. Yes, that’s a real need for them too.
  • Are You Still reading? Oh My, We Really LOVE You! You are The Best Ever!
  • Sigh, we don’t get onto the streets as much as we used to do because of the things that we’re doing for this page, and because we had to get off the streets or die on them (elderly disabled…) — so, do us a favor, today, go out of your way to meet a homeless person. Once you locate someone that you’re comfortable with, make that person your friend. Sorry, this might not be easy or comfortable at first, but we promise, it’s the most rewarding thing that all of our staff has ever done. Just be there. Let those people know that you care about them as a fellow human. Everything else will take care of itself.
  • Along the same lines – if you can feed them, do so. If you can afford some socks, give them socks. But it’s easier to merely ask what their needs are, most likely those needs will be humble and simple.
  • Oh Yeah, did i mention that we Really Want a Webmaster??? This website is a mess!
  • this list is incomplete – thank you and we’ll talk again soon ~ gnat / aka, tom g