The people that operate Occupy Homeless believe that by supporting each other and working as community, we can bring about positive change for all. It is in the giving of time and lifting people up that we make a difference. We are glad that You wish to assist us in these efforts.

Hello Folks, we’ve changed a few things with our website and services – that means that the old site and all of the work there is gone and this page is going to be a small mess for a while.

Luckily, we do have some backups of stories and images here and on our Facebook page and we’ll get those things back in place soon!

To those of you that wish to contribute to this cause (by us a sandwich, coffee… help offset the costs of this site!, we’ll have those donation button up again soon. But if you just can’t wait to donate, send this page or our facebook page a message and we’ll supply our Paypal and/or other information as needed!

Again, Thanks a Very Lot for all of the encouraging words, likes, shares, well wishes, prayers and everything else! <3’s

~ gnat