a little about ‘gnat’ and #homeless people…

Hello Kind Friends of this page and our visitors, it’s been a very long time since i (gnat, the little bug that thinks he knows a few things about #homelessness – he also started this project) have spoken about myself, our admins or homeless people, so i’m going to do a little of that before sharing an article that i’ve just read that concerns the economy, and more specifically, taxes and rich folks.

Yes, a “Homeless Bum” just read a professional article that deals with social issues, finances, and those not so generous people that are on the opposite end of the financial spectrum. Yepper, just used terms like “financial spectrum”, in a reasonably well structured sentence, that included only one (1) so-called misspelled words. My point?

Well that’s easy enough – most of us walk around thinking things about other people groups that we’re not familiar with, because of things that we’ve been told. Yup, someone SAID this about homeless people, and WE believe what’s been said as truth. Please don’t take this personally against You, Yourself… although we should, BUT it would be hypocritical of me to do so, because… I used to think a lot of $h*t about ‘the homeless’ too, and then i became a part of that group.

Decades later and I’m still asking, “How Could THIS Ever Happen To Me!!!???” — short answer — I’m not special, or un-special, nor unlucky or or or or freaking OR, This or That! WE The #Homeless are as diverse as OUR Culture, our society, Your family and friends and your neighborhood – ‘we’ are ‘us’!

Oh there was a time that I said things that I had heard others say, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”, and meant it in a kind way too. Then I walked some miles in these shoes and now believe ‘here for the lack of grace and caring from other humans, go i.’

In closing, we the homeless are in need of your help. Don’t allow others to dictate how You will help one of us. Yup, one of us. That’s all that I’m asking. You see, by speaking on these pages, A Precious few people stepped up to help just me and mine. It is those actions that keep me hopeful enough to continue to struggle for life, not to sit and slowly die in despair and rejection.

Here’s that article that I mumbled about somewhere up^ there.

Peace and stuff, Gnat / tom, lead project coordinator (hahaha) at occupy homeless dot com

How Tax Havens Make Us Poor

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